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Mixer Keys


Your SideKick in bringing quality podcast audio to you! 

Simple Plan

SideKick Studio: Pop-up Podcast Studio Services

At SideKick Recordings, the on-site podcasting studio comes to YOU! No matter if you are recording in your living room, or at a corporate gathering, SideKick is your assistant in capturing quality podcast audio.

Our goals:

  • Assisting you! 

  • Recording (on-location or virtually)

  • Producing 

  • Giving you time to enjoy your podlife! 


Whatever stage of the episode production journey you need assistance with, we are here to help you!


Since we are a small business, we have the flexibility to work alongside you in more nonconventional ways. Hit that button below to fill out the contact form. Then we can start working together towards your goals, so your behind the scenes podcasting experience can be simply marvellous!

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